Scripts & plugins for font editors

During the process of designing and producing a typeface a variety of tasks can be automated by the use of scripts, bringing speed and precision to the workflow. Also the possibility to code extensions for font editors allows to add capabilities that are not supported by the apps out of the box, like new modes of visualization, drawing glyphs, etcetera.

Automated builds and batch editing

Chaining custom Python scripts and Command line tools enable the execution of multiple actions all at once from just a few keystrokes. This is ideal for heavy and recurring tasks like the compilation of fonts in different formats, subsetted versions and the generation of complementary files like HTML, CSS or bitmap images, among others.

Font specific tools

There are certain projects that due to their uniqueness are difficult to carry out with the default tools. In those cases is when the development of ad-hoc tools became practically indispensable to accomplish these ideas effectively and in reasonable times.

Web type tools

Nowadays showcase and distribute fonts through the web has very particular needs, unlike other digital products, fonts has to be thoroughly tested and at the same time displayed at their best. When developing this type of solutions, knowledge of web technology and fonts are necessary.