Mastering and development

Taking care of the final stage of the fonts projects, before their publication, preparing outlines to interpolation, drawing missing glyphs, refining metrics and kerning. Also building source files that can be easily mantained and extended for future font updates. The work can either start from source files (.glyphs, .ufo, .vfb) or from old binaries (otf, ttf, etc.).

OpenType features

Full opentype coding to provide access to all font features both in desktop design applications and on the web. In many cases, to achieve complex features and specific behaviors it is necessary to create special variations of the glyphs. ¶ This process can be speed up trough a well structured workflow definition and small Python scripts. ¶ Regardless of font size, features and classes can be written with the help of custom scripts and processes that keep features updatable.

Quality assurance and troubleshooting

Every font project from a single style font to a big serial font family often become complex and tedious, so mistakes and flaws are almost inevitable. ¶ Identifying bugs, solving specific font software issues and checking and fixing master design consistency, Bézier drawing quality control, screen rasterization performance control, among other tasks, ensures maximum font software quality.