Font proofs & type specimens

High quality typographic composition software such as DrawBot, allows to automatically create type specimens pages with specific algorithmic design compositions, showcase OpenType features and get words from external databases. In addition, it is possible to display info stored in font binaries due to the deep access to font data tables.

Documents automatically generated during font development to review interpolations, spacing, consistency between fonts, or even PDFs that tracks the progress of a font.

Graphic resources and illustrations

The introduction of concepts such as parameter setting, iteration and randomness, allows an exploration of the image and its variations in a fast and playful way, obtaining "unexpected" results that are extended beyond the original idea. These resources can be used in complementary illustrations, project design, dynamic identities and logos, information display, small animations, and so on.

Heavy data document setting

Document setting based on databases or spreadsheets. Traditional design apps do not offer the best solutions when it comes to constantly changing information and dynamic layouts. By using code it is possible to connect directly to information sources and avoid the typical time-consuming and error-leading copy/paste process. Different code libraries can work together to obtain documents and images in multiple formats in minutes no matter how many.