Screencaptures and images collected while working on fonts and coding stuff.

Q @ 9ppem unhinted vs manually hinted

04 October 2021

13 November 2020

New personal record, export a font of +28k glyphs.

16 June 2020

Its always ejoyable to use the ALL CAPS Unicode character names. The DrawBot script is for showing the glyphsets from Bastarda Type fonts.

27 May 2020

Triying to use a macOS window manager in i3 style. A Little bit strange at the beggining but it really helps to keep workspaces organized.

16 May 2020

Fix bugs or add useless things?

23 April 2020

Made a little thing in Drawbot to check some fonts and end up with something very colorful.

16 April 2020

FontBakery you are killing my terminal style!

10 April 2020

I made the glyphset viewer more flexible so now it supports color schemes that can be used for dark mode, here in foundryCore sandbox page.

07 April 2020

Building a font using .ttx files just for the fun. Also discovering how handy is the diff tool from VS Code.

06 April 2020

Glyphset viewer for a FoundryCore sandbox page

05 April 2020

Crappy graph when triying to understand collected data from PostScript commands to draw them again but differently.

22 March 2020

After reading a lot file format specs I managed to create a parser in php for the 'fvar' table. Here dumping all axes and named instances of Fraunces VF from Undercase Type.

20 March 2020

One week project #4

18 January 2020

one week project #2

28 November 2019

one week project

26 November 2019

I been working with web type and making sites for a few years, now, I soft launched a specific web development service for foundries. The system I’ve been builting allows to automate a lot of things that speeds up the creation of family pages, font testers, e-commerce, etc. Read more at foundrycore.tipografia.com.ar.

24 November 2019

One week project. Video made in Drawbot.

22 November 2019

Drawbot fail

18 November 2019

Related masters viz

13 July 2018

random sorted words

10 May 2018

Stealing H. Van den Keere :\

17 November 2017